Add An Obituary To Facebook

We recently received the question, “How do I add an obituary to my Facebook profile?”  Adding an obituary to Facebook is an easy way to inform family and friends that a loved one or friend has passed away.  It is also an easy way to let people know about the service details and times.

There are 5 simple steps to add an Obituary Link to Facebook:

1. Click on the obituary that you want to post to Facebook

2. Copy the web page URL (address) from the Address Bar in the top of the Browser
* Select the address and then Copy it “Ctrl + C”
* This is an example of what the Address looks like:

3. Log into Facebook

4. Paste the link into the Update Status area where is says, “What’s on your mind?”

5. Select the appropriate picture, add a comment (optional), tag people (optional) and click ”Post”

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